NCPEA Group Photo, EAPS, 1966



NCPEA Group Photo, EAPS, 1966




Black and white photographic print of the Educational Administration Professors gathered outdoors, at Indiana University, 1966. Anderson, Lester; Azzarelli, Joe; Bach, Jacob O.; Baker, John E.; Barr, W.M.; Baughman, M. Dale; Beam, Mary Ruth; Bish, Charles A.; Bishop, Leroy; Blackmon, Robert; Boerrigter, Glenn C.; Boles, Harold W.; Boyan, Norman J.; Bragg, Louis A.; Brumbaugh, Robert; Burt, Lorin A.; Campbell, Clyde M.; Carlson, Richard O.; Chambers, George O.; Childress, Jack R.; Conrad, M.J.; Cronin, Joseph M.; Culbertson, Jack; Colvert, C.C.; Cunningham, Lavern; Davis, Donald; Deever, R. Merwin; Dethy, Ray; DeWoody, George; Domain, Otto E.; Duncanson, Don; Eidell, Terry; Emerson, William J.; Estes, Dwain; Evans, Leslie; Ewing, Parmer; Barr, Monte; Berkley, Dean; Jordan, Forbis; Larmee, Roy A.; Lindley, A.T.; Lonsdale, Richard; Lovell, John T.; Lutz, Frank W.; Lynch, Patrick; McCann, Lloyd E.; McPhee, Roderick F.; Marker, Robert; Matarazzo, Salvatore; MMatzner, G.C.; Melvin, Leland, D.; Monahan, William G.; Morford, John A.; Morrill, A. Reed; Morris, Clyde M.; Mueller, Van D.; Munshaw, Carroll; Murphy, Forrest W.; Niederhauser, John O.; Noffsinger, Hugh; Norwood, Pat H.; Nystrand, Rapheal; O'Day, Patrick; Ohm, Robert E.; Ostlie, Selmer; Ostrander, Raymond; Petty, Paul V.; Pierce, Douglas; Pillard, Matthew; Randles, Harry; Ramseyer, John; Rogers, Malcolm; Rose, Gale W.; Rudman, Herbert; Runyan, Charles; Ryan, Devoy A.; Ardon, Victor; Arnold, William; Bailey, Edwin; Delon, Floyd A.; Flesher, Bill; Good, Wallace; Hooker, C.P.; Heding, Howard; Johns, O.D.; Laughlin, Hugh; O'Malley, J.F.; Richardson, Gordon; Willis, Charles; Farber, Charles; Farquhar, Robin; Farner, Frank; Fawley, Paul C.; Featherstone, Richard; Fox, Edward J. Jr.; Fox, Willard; Frasure, Kenneth; Gleason, Kenneth; Griffiths, Daniel; Goldhammer, Kenneth; Goldman, Samuel; Gray, Archie; Greer, John; Guthrie, James W.; Hack, Walter; Hall, Harold D.; Hayes, Dale K.; Hecker, Stanley; Herrick, John H.; Hicks, Samuel I.; Howe, J. Roger; Hoy, Wayne K.; Hudson, Cale; Hutchins, Clayton; Immegart, Glen; Johns, R.L.; Jones, James T.; Jordan, James L.; Kimbrough, Ralph; Kleinman, Lou; Krong, Norman; Lampshire, Richard; Lane, Willard; Sachs, Benjamin; Saville, Anthony; Scherer, Frank H.; Schmid, Ralph; Shaw, Archibald; Shelton, Nollie W.; Shuff, Robert; Springer, Owen; Stephens, E. Robert; Stewart, Robert C.; Schadt, Marvin; Stapley, Maurice; St. Clair, Kenneth; Stiess, John; Stone, Frank; Timmons, Jim; Trusty, Francis M.; Walter, Ralph; Wayson, William W.; Willey, Darrell; Wohlers, Arthur E.; York, William.

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NCPEA Collection,

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13.750" x 13.750"

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300 dpi



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