View the Color Slides Used to Recruit Students and Promote the EMU Coordinated Program in Dietetics in the 1970s and '80s

  • Ann Arbor Farmers Market

    Produce vendors at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market in Kerrytown. It is a corner booth with three women behind the tables. They are selling late summer, early fall vegetables--eggplant, zucchini, green bell peppers and small potatoes. Prices of 0.35 cents are listed for individual baskets of vegetables.
  • Butter making

    Three children are seated cross-legged on a linoleum floor. The faces of two girls are visible, with one looking directly at the camera. The girl in the foreground is wearing a plaid dress with a rick-rack trimmed smock with a name tag of 'Ann' pinned to the front. She is holding a glass jar with a towel covering the lid and white liquid inside, and is likely making butter in a jar.
  • Cathy Yee and her parents

    Cathy Yee, a student in dietetics is flanked by her parents. Her mother who is caucasian is standing on her left wearing glasses, a light blue dress with white polka dots, and her blonde hair in an updo. Cathy is wearing a white carnation corsage and a blue gingham dress with a red and white floral pattern, and a white collar, her hair is long with a middle part. Her father, who is asian is standing on her right wearing horn-rimmed glasses a dark suit coat, a pink shirt and wide striped two-tone tie.
  • Children's Center presentation

    Two dietetic students presenting at the Eastern Michigan University Children's Center in the Winter of 1973.
  • Class instruction for Dietetic Program

    Three female students in white lab coats prepare food in a large kitchen space while taking notes and examining what appear to be rolls. One woman in the foreground appears to be eating the food, while the two others appear to be working collaboratively.
  • Class instruction for Dietetic Program

    A large group of students sits listening to an instructor lecture. There are plates of baked good on the counter space in the middle. All of the students who are visible are women wearing lab coats.
  • Class instruction for Dietetic Program

    A group of eight female students, listen to a female instructor of dietetics, who is holding half of a chocolate sheet cake. There are multiple plates on the counter in the middle of the group holding 9 x 9 square sheet cakes and 9" round sheet cakes. Everyone pictured is wearing a lab coat.
  • Community panel answers questions from class

    A classroom interior is set up with long rectangular tables and five round tables. There is a panel of four, two women flanked by two men in suits, and a faculty member standing in the background. The tables in the foreground show students seated with notebooks, three-ring binders and coffee mugs set on the table surfaces. None of the student's faces are visible.
  • Department discussion

    Seven individuals, visible are three men and three women in business attire and a portion of the back of the seventh individuals head. They are set up in a conference style room with a rolling blackboard.
  • Diabetic class presentation on Diabetic Diet

    Five students sit around a table in a classroom space while a sixth student stands in front of an easel with a large piece of white paper with the heading 'Diabetic Diet Class II Goals." In the right of the frame is a hanging skeleton and racks for hanging hospital fluid bags.
  • Dietetic class presentation on Diabetic Diet

    A female student dressed in a white coat stands in front of a easel with information under the heading "Diabetic Diet Class II Goals." On the table in front of her is a display of both foods and beverages, including a glass of milk, a red apple, a plate of vegetables, and two cans of Pepsi-one regular and one diet. Four other students sit at the table reviewing the foods sitting before them.
  • Dietetic student at patient bedside instructing.

    Two women in a hospital room. One women with short hair and glasses is listening intently as the other women, who has long brown hair and is wearing a white coat with a patch on the arm embroidered with "Eastern Michigan University Dietetics", explains portion sizing with holding a spoon. This second woman, presumably a student in training, is holding a brochure with the four food groups in front of a plate of partially visable food and a glass of milk. The names listed are Theresa Espisito and Polly Buchanan, although which is which is unclear.
  • Dietetic student at patient bedside.

    A student wearing a long white coat with the round patch for the Eastern Michigan University Dietetic Program stands at the bedside of a mock-patient taking measurements of her tricep.
  • Dietetic student at patient bedside.

    A student wearing a long white coat with the round patch for the Eastern Michigan University Dietetic Program stands at the bedside of a mock-patient taking measurements of her bicep.
  • Dietetic student at patient bedside.

    A student wearing a long white coat with the round patch for the Eastern Michigan University Dietetic Program stands at the bedside of a mock-patient taking notes.
  • Dietetic students review paperwork

    Two female students sit at a desk with filing systems and a rotary multi-line telephone taking up most of the available space on the desk. Both women have their hair pulled back, are wearing wedding bands and white lab coats, and appear to be reviewing paperwork. There are two windows in the background framed by patterned curtains.
  • Dietetics Promotion, Stack of Books

    A stack of 9 books related to the study of Dietetics, including biology, physiology, economics and communication. Two running shoes also appear in the photograph, alluding to the important role that exercise also plays in the study of Dietetics.
  • Discussion of 'Caloric Count'

    Two women sit in an office discussing two white sheets of paper on a desk with the header 'Caloric Count.' Behind them is a poster showing the four food groups, and a bulletin board with notices and a calendar set to April.
  • Eastern Market, Detroit Food Distribution

    Two women, both in tan trench coats, and Mr. Vitali dressed in a navy car coat and dark rimmed glasses, stand talking in what appears to be a food distribution center at Eastern Market. Behind them on pallets are large bags of onions and potatoes stacked seven high.
  • Examination of commercial kitchen equipment

    An African-American man with a moustache and dark-rimmed glasses, dressed in white, is flanked by two women in white lab coats with the EMU Dietetic Arm Patch wearing hair nets. They are standing in a school cafeteria kitchen examining a large piece of food processing equipment.
  • Female student in a lab coat conducting experiments

    A female student in a white lab coat conducting experiments in a campus lab.
  • Filming in the TV studio

    Two women are being filmed having a conversation, one is seated behind a desk while the other is seated casually slumped in a chair with her back to the camera. In the foreground is a small group of seated individuals, and two cameras. The boom microphone is also visible in the image.
  • Float-a-thon on the Huron River

    Float-a-thon event on the Huron River, pictures autumnal colors on the trees lining the river bank and four floats of students paddling.
  • Food savings stand in grocery store

    Two women wearing matching "I'm a Master Canner" aprons flank a poster citing the savings of different protein options. They appear to be standing in a grocery store near the meat counter at Christmas time.
  • Gina and her boyfriend

    Gina Tabaka (?sp) and Boyfriend (Chuck) at Spring Graduation.
  • Graduation from Eastern Michigan University

    A female student in dietetics receives her diploma at graduation. The graduation ceremony is taking place in Bowen Field House on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.
  • Group of 9 Eastern Michigan University Dietetic Students

    Group of nine Dietetic students stand in two rows in front of a large picture window in a living room. All of the students are women, with three in the front row and six standing behind them. Houses and a red car parked in a driveway can be seen in the background.
  • Janet and Denise show how to take a patient's BMI

    Janet Rimar and Denise Moody conduct an "ISM RRD." One student wearing a red blouse is using calipers on the other student, who is wearing a pink cap-sleeved sweater and her hair in long curls, to measure BMI.
  • Lecture hall, Market Values

    A male instructor stands behind a lecturn at the front of a large lecture hall in a blue plaid shirt. The chalkboard shows a list with 'Nominal Value and Market Value' written.
  • Louise in the library

    Two women, both looking annoyingly at the camera, with a number of bound volumes of published indexes and abstracts laying open in front of them. One of the women is identified as 'Louis.' They are seated in the Porter Library.
  • Plating food in the cafeteria

    Two women in yellow shirt-dresses stand on opposite sides of a conveyor belt in a cafeteria kitchen plating food for service on trays set with stainless steel covers, silverware and a small container of chocolate milk. Behind them are stacks of plates, bowls, and lids. A man wearing a white chef's hat stands in the background.
  • Plating pie in a commercial kitchen

    An African-American woman with natural hair, dark rimmed glasses, wearing a blue button-down shirt dress over her plaid dress, stands next two a caucasian brunette woman in a yellow button-down shirt dress. They are plateing pie in a commercial kitchen.
  • Preparing food in a commercial kitchen

    Three female students in white lab coats prepare food in a large kitchen space. One is preparing what appear to be holiday cookies and another is preparing a bar in a clear Pyrex pan.
  • Preparing food in a commercial kitchen

    Two brunette women, with short hair and white lab coats, are in an industrial kitchen cutting flank steak into strips. There is a baking tray with additional cuts of meat waiting to be cut.
  • Preparing food in a commercial kitchen

    Two women stand at a counter in a commercial kitchen. One dressed in a yellow shirt dress with a white apron, frosts chocolate cupcakes while the other, obscured from the camera, stands ready to serve ice cream.
  • Preparing food in a commercial kitchen

    A woman with short hair held back by a hairnet, wearing a long white apron, stirs a white liquid substance in a large stainless steel vat in a commercial kitchen.
  • Preparing food in a commercial kitchen

    A woman wearing a dark top with a white lab coat overtop, stands behind a student in a yellow shirt-dress and white apron. The student is stirring something with a large spatula, they appear to be in a commercial kitchen.
  • Reviewing food in a cafeteria

    Two women stand in what appears to be a hallway outside of a commercial kitchen. One is taking notes, while the other spoons food from a small white bowl. There is a tray of food on a cart in front of them and two other employees in the background.
  • Reviewing the process for commercial dishwashing

    A man stands with his back to the camera wearing a vertically striped shirt loading an industrial dishwasher loaded with cafeteria trays. Four women in white lab coats look on while taking note on clipboards. A man is visible in the background standing next to an industrial refrigerator.
  • Reviewing TV recordings

    Nine students are seated in two rows viewing a small black and white television on a movable stand. They are in the same space that appears on the screen, seeming to indicate that they are reviewing a recording they created.
  • Serving food in the cafeteria

    A woman with short brown hair stands behind the counter in a cafeteria line. Hanging above the counter are stainless steel heat lamps, a pile of plated hotdogs in buns are wrapped in cellophane sitting on the counter. Two women in blue shirt dresses stand in the background.
  • Special luncheon served by Dietetic students

    Group of men and women dressed in business wear are seated in a gymnasium at long folding tables are being served by students from the dietetics program. The two students are pouring coffee from silver carafes.
  • Student sitting in a window reading

    Female student wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with "Divine Child" printed on the front, sits on a windowsill reading "The Great American Sports Book."
  • Student sleeping

    Female student wearing a rose colored track jacket and blue jeans sits on a brown couch with her feet crossed on a coffee table. She appears to be sleeping.
  • Team discussion

    Four female students sit around a table in what appears to be a medical setting. Three are wearing white lab coats with the Eastern Michigan University Dietetic Round Patch on the left arm, the fourth is wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt with white trim on the sleeves and wide white collar. There is a man wearing glasses at the head of the table wearing a white coat and stethoscope around his neck. Everyone has a notebook in front of them.
  • Two Dietetic students present a tray of food

    Two female students wearing white lab coats stand in front of a bulletin board announcing "Student Employees" and presenting 'plate appearance.' The cafeteria tray has a bowl of iceberg lettuce, bowl of canned fruit cocktail, four deviled eggs plated on a leaf of lettuce, a glass of milk and plate of chopped chicken.