Reinhard Wittke Photograph Collection

Explore Photographs Taken by the Former EMU Professor of History During His Class Tours Abroad.

  • Three People with Water Background

    Bottom center three people posing for the camera, two are in white shirts and the third is in a blue shirt. Behind them are boats in water. On the right side of the water are white buildings on a slight hill.
  • White Stone Clocktower

    Upper left corner is a white stone clock tower. With connecting buildings also white. Lower half has blossuming trees of pink and white. Lower right black lamp post with multiple lamps. Groupings of people lower half walking under clocktower.
  • Water Background

    Upper image tree filled hill. Center image body of water. Lower image buildings and trees with some sort of tower near water.
  • Group Photo

    Group of ten posing for photo. Yellow building in background. Greenery in front of building with benches.
  • European Monument

    Path down center of image. Bottom, on sides of path are yellow flowering bushes. Center, path splits to go around hedges and on the right side there is a bench. The path then joins back up leading to steps. The steps are flanked on wither side by a buildings/structure. The path continues on, where there are trees on the sides in the upper half.
  • Hilly Town

    Upper half hills filled with trees and greenery. Lower half town buildings. Right center edge body of water.
  • European Town on Water

    Upper portion is filled with trees and greenery. Large body of water in the center. Lower section of image, town buildings with a few pointed roofs, one is a tower distinctly above the other buildings. Bottom left corner grass.
  • European Mountainview

    Upper portion mountain peaks. Lower portion buildings and trees. Lower left lookout with seating and groupings of people throughout.
  • Soviet War Memorial

    Kneeling soldier monument at Treptower Park center. Brick rectangular background. Two people left side, lower corner. Part of the Soviet War Memorial.
  • European Obelisk

    Background center, obelisk. Groupings of people lower half. Three lower center posing for photo. Trees left and right upper edges.
  • Ecclectic European Building

    Upper half building with much decoration: columns, arches, multiple stories, different kinds of roofs, statues, cornice decoration, towers, and different building materials.
  • Closeup of Ecclectic Building

    Close up of building, that is round. Decorative details: columns, arches, statues, differnt building materials. Grouping of people lower left side.
  • Classical Building

    White building, right middle. Nine corinthian columns at the fron center of the building, which is symmetrical. Steps leading up to entrance of the building. Decorative details include statues and cornice detailing. No windows visible. Two street lamps on steps of building. Groupings of people in front of steps on walkway, lower left corner.
  • Rock and Brick Building Ruins

    Three deteriorating sides of rock and brick building. Arches on the left and right side walls, two stories high. Large arch center. Groupings of people throughout the ruins. Trees on left and right edges. Short rock walls bottom of image.
  • Horizontal Emphasis Building

    Building in center with horizontal darker bricks, creating a horizontal emphasis. Arches and octagonal tower. Trees on left and right edges. Groupings of people bottom half crossing the street. Right lower corner round blue sign with red X.
  • Columns at Temple of Apollo

    Six columns built in obvious sections. One column is taller than the rest and more intact. Background is mountains.
  • Treasury of the Boeotians

    525 BCE. Square and rectangular stone blocks ruins. Trees upper left. On a hill. Left side dirt walking path.
  • Castle on a Hill

    Castle fortification upper left. Bridge over water center right. Water lower right. Trees on hill. Road on edge of water at bottom of hill.
  • Town on Water

    Lower half of image water. Town on edge of water on hill, many buildings.
  • White Building

    Square white building with some windows arched. Very little decoration on building. Palm trees, bushes, and flowers in front of building, bottom edge. Groupings of people lower half of image.
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