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Driscoll, Timothy


Timothy Driscoll


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Timothy Driscoll was born on Staten Island, New York on July 5, 1945. His father was a chef, and the family moved a great deal. This resulted in Tim attending more than 20 schools before graduating from high school. Tim worked three jobs after high school, and was drafted in 1965, entering the service at Fort Lee, New Jersey. The barracks floors were so corroded that they collapsed. Since Tim had worked on floors in civilian life, he told the sergeant that he could fix them. Before long, there were ample supplies available to Tim to reconstruct the floors. Doing this kept him out of parades and exercise sessions. He was transferred to Fort Leonard Wood, where the weather was extremely cold. Here again, Tim's suggestions changed the way that things were done in the field. Instead of coffee breaks, he had suggested hot soup, which helped personnel cope with the weather. Tim completed the obstacle course so quickly that the sergeant sent him through again and again. Everyone expected to go to Vietnam and was prepared. At the very last minute, however, Tim and two others were taken off the truck. He spent the next 100 days driving officers and officials around. Tim’s training had been in radio and truck and jeep maintenance. He was an E-4 Specialist and became assigned to the 3rd Armored Division. He achieved a Marksman Award and a Good Conduct Award while in the service. Tim was eventually sent to Germany. He spent 17 tense months in Germany. He was discharged in 1967 and returned home. His division received a Presidential Citation. After leaving the service, he got married, and was living in New Jersey when the Twin Towers were destroyed. Tim's son and wife worked in and near the Towers. Both could have been killed were it not for pure luck. Tim’s job required him to travel frequently. By mistake, his wife took his car keys, and had to turn around, and return home. Tim's son was working on the 35th floor of the Towers, but at the time that the plane hit, he was in the basement getting supplies. The family moved to Connecticut, but within a few months his wife was laid off. These events convinced Tim and his family to move to Saline, Michigan, where he now lives with his wife. His daughter lives nearby with her two children.

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Drafted; United States Army; Company K, 415th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division; World War, 1939-1945; Second World War - European Theater; Private First Class


Veterans History Project, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

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United States; Germany

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