Physiological Lecture Room 3rd Floor - Room 57


Physiological Lecture Room 3rd Floor - Room 57
This image depicts a Physiology Lecture being given by the head of the Natural Sciences (Systematic Botany and Physiology) department, Lucy Osband. One of the main things that this academic department hoped to achieve was instilling a love for scientific truth within Normal students through the help of lessons that focused on utilizing logical reasoning and implementation of the scientific method. Physiology was considered to be an advanced course for senior study, with students having been expected to have learned the basics of the subject in high school. The chalkboard contains evidence that students are being taught about nerves, which indicates that this class is occurring early in the semester when the Physiology curriculum focused on rapid review of the subject with an emphasis on nutrition and the nervous system.
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Michigan State Normal School, Ypsilanti, MI