Barbara Borusch, EMU Roles and Perspectives Interview, 1972


Barbara Borusch, EMU Roles and Perspectives Interview, 1972
EMU Roles and Perspectives was a taped television program broadcast from the campus of EMU, and produced by Robert Hoexter (1930-1978). Hoexter joined the faculty at the EMU School of Education in 1964, and served as Coordinator of Graduate Advising from 1969-1971. A member of the Faculty Senate from 1973-1976, Hoexter was elected vice-chairman from 1974-1975, and chairman, 1975-1976. In this episode of Roles and Perspectives, Hoexter interviews EMU Professor of Education, Barbara Borusch. Hired in 1950, Borusch served in many capacities during her tenure at EMU, teaching Elementary Health Education, Anatomy, Physiology, General Psychology, and more. In this interview, Borusch expresses her support for the “open classroom,” a learning setting in which children map out their own learning trajectory, and the teacher is seen more as a friend and helpmate than a traditional teacher behind a desk. Though some people, familiar with the traditional style of learning may call open classrooms “chaotic,” Bousch explains that they are anything but. The students in open classrooms are self-directed, can work in groups if they choose, and are able to study subjects that they themselves have a genuine interest in.
Hoexter, Robert
Barbara Borusch; Robert Hoexter; open classrooms; constructivism; student assessment
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