Fred Barney, Oral History Interview pt. 1, 2005


Fred Barney, Oral History Interview pt. 1, 2005
Fred Barney (b.1922) entered the Army Specialized Training Program on October 11, 1943, at Michigan State Normal College in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Marching to and from classes and meals, and kept busy from dawn till dusk, Barney and his fellow ASTP trainees were educated in various military specialized fields. Shipped out to France shortly after D-Day, Barney’s unit, the 76th Infantry Division in General George Patton’s Third Army, became the spearhead in piercing the Siegfried Line of fortifications on Germany’s western border. In this interview, Barney recalls the daily routine of the ASTP Program, the journey to France, and many details of combat and routine in Europe.
Bowman, Dick
Army Specialized Training Program; Meadeville PA; World War Two; D-Day; Nazi Germany; Michigan Normal College; Camp Maxey; Camp McCoy; Army discipline; landing craft tanks; Battle of the Bulge; Siegfried Line; Echternacht; Trier; Adolf Hitler; George S. Patton; Schmitten; United State Air Force; Remagen Bridge
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