Jack Minzey, EMU Roles and Perspectives Interview, 1972


Jack Minzey, EMU Roles and Perspectives Interview, 1972
EMU Roles and Perspectives was taped television program broadcast from the campus of EMU, and produced by Robert Hoexter (1930-1978). Hoexter joined the faculty at the EMU School of Education in 1964, and served as Coordinator of Graduate Advising from 1969-1971. A member of the Faculty Senate from 1973-1976, Hoexter was elected vice-chairman from 1974-1975, and chairman, 1975-1976. In this episode of Roles and Perspectives, Hoexter interviews Jack Minzey. Jack Minzey joined the faculty at EMU in 1968. At various times, he served as head of the Department of Leadership and Counseling, acting dean of the College of Education, and director of the Center for Community Education. Minzey also served as president of the National Community Education Association and has won numerous awards, including an Outstanding Service Award from the NCEA. In 1992, Minzey was inducted into the Michigan Education hall of Fame. In this interview, Minzey discusses the concept of community schools, which he championed throughout his career. The ingredients of community education according to Minzey, are as follows: greater usage of public structures for ongoing educational purposes, expanded educational activities for the traditional education population, greater educational relevancy, and equal educational opportunities for all members of the community, regardless of age.
Hoexter, Robert
Community Schools; Community Education; Charles Stewart Mott; Frank Manley; Flint Public Schools; John Dewey
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