Peggy Liggit Oral History Interview, 2017


Peggy Liggit Oral History Interview, 2017
Serving Eastern Michigan University for more than 20 years, Peggy Liggit began her tenure with EMU as a professor of biology and science education. After spending three years as Director of Academic Assessment, Liggit became Director of the Bruce K. Nelson Faculty Development Center. Her research focus now includes learner-centered teaching in higher education, organizational learning, humanized assessment practices, and faculty peer-coaching. In this interview, conducted during the opening of the Bruce K. Nelson Faculty Development Center, Liggit shares personal recollections of Bruce Nelson, and discusses the representation of Nelson’s principles of education on the EMU campus, and more specifically, in the Faculty Development Center that bears his name.
Jones, Matt
Bruce Nelson; Bruce Nelson Faculty Development Center; Eastern Michigan University; Peggy Liggit
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