Sally McCracken, Oral History Interview, 2018




Sally McCracken, Oral History Interview, 2018


Dr. Sally McCracken is an Emeritus Professor from the Eastern Michigan University Communication, Media, and Theater Arts Department, teaching at EMU from 1968 until her retirement in 2012. In addition to teaching at EMU, McCracken has negotiated several contracts on behalf of the American Association of University Professors, an institution in which she played many roles: chief negotiator and president until 1968- From 1968 till 1994 and continued to function as regional council member. McCracken served on the Faculty Council, reader of names for commencement and president of the Emeritus Faculty Association. In this interview, McCracken details her experience growing up in Southern Ohio, the essentiality of Communication studies to forging productive relationships, and her perspectives on the growing diversity of EMU programs and campus life.


Jones, Matt; Burns, Rachel



Eastern Michigan University; Sally McCracken; contract negotiation; American Association of University Professors; Communication; theater studies; Vietnam War


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