Courtney McAnuff, Oral History Interview, 2018


Courtney McAnuff, Oral History Interview, 2018
Courtney McAnuff was Vice President for Enrollment Services at Eastern Michigan University from 1996 until his departure in 2006. Prior to serving as Vice President, McAnuff served EMU in a variety of positions starting in 1980 as Director of Financial Aid. Larry Smith, former Vice President for Student Affairs at EMU said “if Courtney had a fan club, I would be the president.” McAnuff committed himself to many vital undertakings at EMU, both on and off campus, earning McAnuff Emeritus status in 2006.
Jones, Matt; Braun Marks, Alexis
Courtney McAnuff; Eastern Michigan University; Rutgers University; oral history; interview; enrollment services; retainment; recruitment; Swoop; mascot change; EMU; university administration
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