Robert Solow, Address to Eastern Michigan University Honors College, 1973


Robert Solow, Address to Eastern Michigan University Honors College, 1973
Robert Solow is an American economist particularly known for his work on the theory of economic growth that culminated in the exogenous growth model named after him. He is currently Emeritus Institute Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he has been a professor since 1949. He was awarded the John Bates Clark Award in 1961, the Nobel Memorial Award in Economic Sciences in 1981, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2014. In this address to the graduates of the Eastern Michigan Honors College, Solow attempts to answer the question of how to pay forward our debt to the future, and how to ensure a stable and peaceful world for future generations. Following the address, Bruce Nelson presents students with outstanding academic records at EMU.
Solow, Robert
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Robert Solow; Economics; free market; natural resources; anti-pollution policy; nuclear fusion; plastics industry; recycling; lolly-pops; Bruce Nelson
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