United States Senator Robert Griffin, Commencement Address, 1969


United States Senator Robert Griffin, Commencement Address, 1969
Robert Paul Griffin (November 6, 1923 – April 16, 2015) was a Republican U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan and Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. As a junior United States Senator from Michigan in 1969, Griffin here acknowledges that he is the “last obstacle between the graduates and their diplomas,” and remarks upon the distrust of the establishment felt by many college graduates of the late 1960’s. Rebellion, Griffin says, is essential to moving society forward, and he warns the students of the pitfalls of destructive rebellion. Destructive rebellion only leads to more destruction, while constructive rebellion has the potential to change American society in positive ways.
Griffin, Robert
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Robert Griffin; Harold Sponberg; J. Pierpont Morgan; A.H. Houseman; student unrest; campus demonstration; George Romney
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