Donald Currie, University Library Dedicatory Address, 1967


Donald Currie, University Library Dedicatory Address, 1967
Donald Currie serve as dean of students at Eastern Michigan University until joining the staff of the Royal Oak public schools, where he served as superintendent. Still president of the EMU Alumni Association, Currie was asked to speak at the dedication ceremony for the new University Library. Currie speaks at length on the growth of the university libraries throughout the years, and notes that all library growth can be traced back to just three individuals -Elsie Andrews, E. Walfred Erickson, and Genevieve Walton- in the more than 100 years that the school has been in existence. Currie says that more than how many books a library has, the real success of a library is measured in how well it serves the academic community.
Currie, Donald
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Elsie Andrews; Genevieve Walton; E. Walfred Erickson; University Library
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