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Detroit Club

Special Project in partnership with the Department of History and Philosophy for the 2020-21 Detroit Theme year.

Eastern Michigan University Campus Building

Information on the physical structures on the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

HAMBURGERS FOR BREAKFAST: Food and the Student Experience

An exhibit created by 2022 Historic Preservation graduate students to explore how food (or access to food) helps shape the student experience at EMU. This exhibit will focus, in part, on how food has molded and reflected gender issues and activities; how EMU foodways reflect changing demographics of its students; and that students mobilized to help feed their classmates.


Photographic documentation of realia, memorabilia, and artifacts housed at the Eastern Michigan University Archives.

Prestige or Play? Competing Priorities of EMU Athletics

The 2024 McKenny Gallery Exhibit, "Prestige or Play? Competing Priorities of EMU Athletics," was created by students in Nancy Bryk's Exhibit Development class for the Preservation Studies graduate program. The gallery explores how the shift from physical education and sports as fun and as a part of curriculum was impacted by EMU’s emphasis on institutional prestige and profit from athletics.


A curated collection of Eastern Michigan University's digitized visual resources


A curated collection of Eastern Michigan University's digitized audio resources

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